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Clinical Records Prevent Criminal Records

Recognize that if something is not in your dental record, it does not legally exist. Prepare your team to deal with potential legal challenges through diligent and clear recordkeeping. Implementing this no-nonsense approach could me the difference between success and failure for your team.

Available as a lecture or hands-on. 2-6 hours.

Cracking the Code: Coding Essentials, CDT, and ICD

CDT codes are changing at an unprecedented rate. Remaining up-to-date on information and making sure your records do the same is paramount to success. This course will provide information on recent CDT coding changes and help you maximize legitimate reimbursement while offering greater legal protection.

Available as a lecture or hands-on. 2-4 hours.

Raising the Reimbursement Roof while Reducing Regulatory Risk

When the practice is paid quickly and appropriately, things are good. However, administrative mistakes can be devastating to a practice and lead to delays, denials, and slowed payment processing. Learning proper use of codes and documentation can maximize reimbursements, reduce risk, and lower stress.

Available as a lecture or hands-on. 2-3 hours.

Maneuvering the Dental Minefield

Recognize the dangers inherent to improper coding and recordkeeping. A faulty billing and coding system could end up costing you. By avoiding the most common coding mistakes, you can protect yourself and receive timely payments and keep you and your practice out of any potential legal trouble.

90 min to full day course. Follow-up half-day workshop available.

Risky Business: Where’s the Danger and How to Prepare

Dangers about for you and your practice. However, it’s possible to not only survive, but to thrive in the midst of today’s challenges so long as you’re prepared. Knowledge is power! Come learn what you need to know, what you need to do, and what you can achieve if you’re willing to face challenges head on.

90 min to full day course. Follow-up half-day workshop available. 

Stop the Insanity by Doing Things Differently

Risk is everywhere. Quality improvement principles can effectively improve your operating systems and reduce risk. Implementing better quality control systems can improve patient outcomes, increase revenue, and reduce the stress in your practice. Small changes can have big benefits.

90 min to full day course. Follow-up half-day workshop available.

Be Free at Last

We’re all in bondage to something. To be truly free to thrive and succeed, we must be able to recognize the barriers that are holding us back and be able to dedicate our energy, time, and talents to the things that matter.

One hour keynote.